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Once you are ready to take the examination, you should schedule an appointment with the Transport Canada regional office to complete the written examination If you have chosen to do some floatplane training while converting, you will need to apply for the Foreign License Validation Certificate (FLVC): You must email Transport Canada in advance at – [email protected] to arrange to obtain a FLVC – this is a .00 fee and will allow you to train in Canada as you start the conversion process.

q=easa license in usa From there, the first three links that populate the search engine are: believe when you finish you get a frozen ATPL.

I have a friend who's got an endorsement from the President of Philippine Airlines I had to sway him because of the costs to even be considered for an interview.

He has 325 TT and now working for aerial mapping here in the US flying at least 100 hrs a month and getting paid ,000 a year its not much but when he gets ATP mins he can work for Regional airlines here. Hope you think twice its an uphill battle in Manila.

Also note Regardless of which type of conversion, you must also undergo Transport Canada’s Aviation Language Proficiency Test. The fee for conversion of a Commercial License is 0.00Study material for conversion to a Canadian CPL conversion exam is outlined here: For more information about license conversion click here: Step by step commercial conversion: First — undergo a medical examination with a Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiner for a Category 1 medical.

FAA To convert an FAA license into a Canadian commercial license, you must make the license request, obtain a medical class 1 from a Transport Canada aviation medical examiner and meet the following criteria: Hold an FAA commercial or ATPL license Be at least 18 years old Have proof of 200 hours total time Pass the 20 question CPL conversion exam with a minimum score of 60%Before exercising the privileges of the converted license the pilot must meet the recency requirements. Second — once you receive your Canadian Medical Certificate file number, complete and submit the “Application for Verification and Conversion of an FAA Pilot Certificate form” to your closest Transport Canada Regional Licensing office or the Transport Canada Regional Licensing office of your proposed Canadian destination.

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Looking to convert CMEL CSEL IR (260 hours) Any help or direction is appreciated. I realize this may be a long shot, but perhaps you can contact the DGCA in the Philippines.

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