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The food is rich, flavorful, and relatively healthy.

Most dishes resemble a stew-like consistency and are always accompanied by injera—a soft, spongy flatbread made from teff flour and served by the basketful.

Dining-out tip: American restaurants have a tendency to add cheese to almost every Italian dish.

Try it at home: make Vegan Richa’s Atakilt Wat and Gluten-Free Injera.Note: Burmese tofu is made from chickpeas, giving it a more dense texture and interesting flavor.Make a huge batch for yourself and stockpile leftovers in the freezer with Mary’s Test Kitchen recipe.Perhaps the most highly regarded dish is the Tea Leaf Salad.The base is fermented tea leaves tossed with nuts, cabbage, tomato, and other bits like ginger, sesame seeds, and mung beans, coated in an oil-based dressing.

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Dining-out tip: While South Indian food is lighter in dairy products compared to the North, some cheese, eggs, and cream are used in certain dishes. Dining-out tip: Some beans and tortillas may be made with lard, though this practice is becoming more of a rarity. Ask your server to ensure these items are animal-free. Korean “Vegan” may not be the first word most associate with “Korean BBQ,” but many traditionally meat-heavy restaurants are opening up to the idea.

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