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You can expect to pay anywhere from 0 upwards for a Escort in Vietnam.If you were going to try a Vietnam escort my advice would be to find a place that charges more (yes pay more) as then you’re more likely to get a good service.A good tip is to leave small money lying around (under ) so if she does get aggressive just let her take the and then leave.My personal opinion if you want to meet Vietnamese prostitutes is to visit a bricks and mortar place as the service offered is much better and you have somewhere to in case of issues.Even though the police turn a blind eye, you can end up in trouble.Especially if your date did not turn out as you planned and the police are called.If you want to meet normal Vietnamese girls and not pay for sex, check out this article.Also many hotels will not let you take a guest back to your room, hooker or a normal Hanoi girl.

He said the Vietnamese women directly asked for the money up front (which is normal when you use a Vietnam escort service).

I was in a beer bar and the next thing I know I hear a bottle of beer fling past my head.

They were not aiming for me but someone else and missed.

So make sure you check they are before making your booking.

There are an estimated 30,000 people working in the country as prostitutes, but as a conservative nation it is not renowned for sex tourism and many businesses frown upon it.

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My friend used an online site I cannot remember to hire a Vietnam escort.

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