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In our online webcam training sessions, your new owner will decide what training to give you which could range from More Live Domination cams here As an owned slave I will not have any privacy at all, My owner will monitor everything I do.

Putting a black leather collar on the slave and verbally abusing them telling them how useless, pathetic and how they were just a cunt to be played with and anally violated whenever the Mistress wanted.

Once he starting feeling horny, Ryan could not control himself.

He went to his closet and got his jockstrap and put it on. He used the user name "20Year Old Lookingfor Older".

When he graduated, he had vowed he would leave his town and go to a progressive city with a prominent gay scene. He browsed facebook and twitter before opening up his email.

However, he did not have enough money for school or to move. The first email was from UCLA, a school he had been waitlisted for. It read "Ryan, We are pleased to tell you that you have been granted admission into the University of California-Los Angeles with an academic scholarship that will cover 75% of your out of state tuition." He stopped reading after that. He was finally getting out of his dump of a town with no other gay men, let alone hot older men.

The live sessions give you a chance to sample what it be like if you ever decided to take it to the next level and visit a real-life dungeon.

This is part of our training- boot camp and all slaves must adhere to their own demands at all time.Ordered to wear a butt plug in his ass as well as a chastity device and handed Mistresses mobile phone and made to order nipple clamps and the biggest sex toy so he could practice sucking.This slave was never allowed on the furniture or on a bed, his life was in this cage or on the floor kneeling.He looked at the different rooms, noticing that there were a lot of users in the "Master/Slave" section.He had never been in this room, as he usually went to the main one so he could see other guys jack off, but he was feeling adventurous. His webcam started up immediately and he tilted the webcam and screen so the camera was pointed at his abs and his jockstrap. And you better eat it" Ryan came in an instant, and immediately regretted what he just did. He couldn't help but think about his recent session.

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