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have held the priority claim of a patent to be invalid on the grounds that, at the filing date of the patent, the applicant did not have the right to claim priority.

In each of these cases the patent was revoked in view of intervening prior art.

On the other hand, applicants can be added to the later filing without invalidating the priority claim, provided all of the applicants in the priority application are still among the applicants in the later application.

The important thing is that, between them, the applicants in the later application own the whole of the priority application or the right to claim priority from the priority application.

The relevant provisions of the PCT, EPC, and UK Patents Act are based on this.

In recent European decisions, these provisions have been interpreted as requiring that, for subsequent applications filed by a person other than the person (the individual or group of legal or natural persons) who filed the priority application, a valid transfer of the priority application and/or of the right to claim priority must have already taken place at the time of filing the later application.

Many European patents are derived from PCT applications filed in the name of a corporation (for all states other than the US), which claim priority from US provisional applications filed in the name(s) of the inventors.

If certain actions have been taken on filing the PCT application, then potential priority problems in Europe can be avoided.

The EPO Guidelines for Examination at A-III 6.1 state that transfer of the priority right “must be a transfer valid under the relevant national provisions”, but EPO Boards of Appeal aren’t bound by these Guidelines.

The approach suggested below is our recommendation for best practice, taking account of recent case law.

Please note that the information in this note is simplified and must not be taken as a definitive statement of the law or practice.

We would be pleased to advise specifically in relation to particular cases.

We can prepare and supply assignment documents for signature when requested.

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