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The natural beauty of Zaporozhye surprises many, as it is primarily an industrial city.

Gorgeous landscapes and a variety of wildlife also makes home on the banks of this large river.

Always smiling and having fun with her band members and the audience.

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After shooting the first three songs as is standard policy, I was allowed to hang out in the VIP section to finish watching their set for my review.

Dorothy Martin and the band have that snappy, groovy sound and vibe of the 70’s.

You have the opportunity to change this situation for better and to spend wonderful time in the company of your special lady and caring staff of Zaporozhye Dreams! :) It is the right time to collect your luggage and come here the sooner the better.

Zaporozhye features many parks, the infamous towers on Leninsky Prospect, a large and prosperous industrial sector, as well as the notorious hydroelectric dam dividing the Dnieper River.

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The stage and photo pit was crowded with tubing and AC equipment for the headliners show making it challenging for the opening band.

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