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Witchcraft was recreated in mid 1950s and from then on has been recognised as modern witchcraft, which is slightly different form ancient witchcraft.

“The difference in the daily life of a witch compared with other people would be how they tend to be more in tune with nature, which affects their attitude.

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Hern describes being a witch as practising magic in the form of spells, in tune with the cycles of nature. “It’s a matter of practice, with training sessions, workshops, self-learning, or asking other experienced witches for advice.

Being a witch in modern times also differs from how it was decades ago.

Wicca is the religious belief based on the practice of witchcraft, which means that Croydon has the highest concentration of witches living in the area. This is because Croydon has been a home for the largest witchcraft festival, Witchfest International, for thirteen years.

The first Witchfest was held in November 2002 in Croydon’s Fairfield Hall and since then has been recognised as the largest witchcraft event in the world, attracting up to five thousand visitors every year.

The festival includes talks from experts in Witchcraft and Wicca, workshops including subjects such as wand workshops, spell crafting, and education on Wicca.

It also publishes witchcraft’s best-selling magazine called and operates numerous websites including witchcraft.org, witchfest.net, and

Their objectives are to promote an ethical approach to Wicca, present an accurate view of it, and promote understanding of witchcraft.

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As one of the leading pagan dating services, this site is aimed at helping all people of a pagan faith to find a partner.

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